Datta Temple Sarangkheda


Sarangkheda is a village in Shahada taluka in Nandurbar district of Maharashtra state in India. Sarangkheda village is situated around 15 km South of Shahada on the bank of Tapti River.

Shri Datta temple is at Sarangkheda. Every year a big fair is organised on the eve of Datta Jayanti. This Datt Mandir is almost 100 year old and renovated around 40 years ago. It is believed that idol of Datta has been brought from Mahur in Nanded district.


Recently a barrage is built just near the bridge in east direction to supply water for irrigation and drinking


The village is known for annual fair and main attraction of fair is horse bazar or horse trading. The fair is of 2 weeks long and attracts thousands of people and people comes from different part of country to buy horses for many purposes like horse riding, farming etc.